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About Me


Thanks for visiting my website.


My name is Chanan Greenberg, I am happily married to Ayelet and I am the proud father of Ronnie and Adam. I work for a software company called Model N, and I serve as Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy.


My interest in astronomy goes back to my childhood, to the evening walks I used to take from my parents house over to my grandparents place,  during winter nights I used to look at Orion's belt and wonder about the stars. My interests were further fueled by my grandfather who used to take me out to his balcony with his binoculars to look at the heavens and occasionally viewing the moon with his 60mm refractor. My interest remained limited to being a "couch astronomer" viewing every TV show that was remotely connected to the topic.


About 19 years ago, my wife (who has lived to regret  this move just a little) prompted me to get off the couch and do something about it.  I joined the San Mateo County Astronomical Society and for the first 3 years, used a manual non GOTO 6" Newtonian scope which was a great way to discover and learn about the skies. I gradually progressed to an 8", then 10" and now a 12" GOTO Tracking Dobsonian.  


From 2006 I served as the Vice President of the San Mateo County Astronomical Society  for six years, and I have been an intermittent  member of the Peninsula Astronomical Society and the  Fremont Peak Observatory Association.


Since 2007 I developed a keen interest in Astrophotography and this web site captures my efforts to-date. I hope you take the time to enjoy the images I have taken and come back to visit as I keep working to improve my efforts.



Chanan Greenberg, 2023

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