NGC 891

Object Type: Galaxy + Galaxy Cluster
Scope: AP 5" Refractor
Exposure 140 minutes

NGC 891 is a spiral unbarred galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda also known as the Silver Sliver Galaxy. It is located roughly 30 million light years from Earth. This galaxy has many attributes like our own galaxy and looks like what our Milky Way galaxy would look like in an edge-on view which clearly shows the dust lines obscuring the bright core.
This exposure is 28 sub frames of 5 minutes (total of 140 minutes) taken with a 5” AP Refractor.
As I started examining the images, I noted a cluster of distant galaxies, and it turns out that I inadvertently also imaged the Abell 437 galaxy cluster. You can see the details in both wide field and cropped views in the rest of the images attached to this post. This cluster contains about 30 galaxies, located about 240 million light years away (8 times further away than NGC 891) and are estimated to be moving away from us at a speed of 1.9% the speed of light.