The Veil Nebula (West)


Object Type: Supernova Remnant
Scope: Orion APO 80mm
Exposure 144 minutes



The wesatern part of the Veil Nebula, is a relatively faint supernova remnant in the constellation Cygnus. 


The source supernova exploded some 5,000 to 8,000 years ago, and the remnants have since expanded to cover an area of ~3x3 degrees; about 6 times the diameter or 36 times the area of a full moon. The distance to the nebula is not precisely known, with estimates ranging from 1,400 to 2,600 light-years.


It was discovered on 1784 September 5 by William Herschel. 

He described the western end of the nebula as "Extended; passes thro' 52 Cygni... near 2 degree in length." and described the eastern end as "Branching nebulosity... The following part divides into several streams uniting again towards the south."

Veil Nebula October 13 2020 Crop Annie A